Rental price for bikes, electric bikes, scooters, electric scooters

Rent your bike and those of your whole family in one of our LE LOLO stores!
Our teams have been welcoming you from April to September 7 days a week for over 20 years !!!


NameBike 12"Bike 14"Bike 16"Bike 20"Bike 24" VTC ConfortVTCVTTBeach BikeE-Bike 26"E-Bike SunnE-VTT 27"5E-TrottTandem
Max8h 9€9€9€12€12€18€15€18€18€35€45€45€29€30€
1 day (24h)13€13€13€14€14€26€22€26€26€39€49€49€39€44€
2 days19€19€19€22€22€33€27€33€33€54€89€89€49€54€
3 days 27€27€27€29€29€45€39€45€45€72€109€109€59€78€
4 days32€32€32€37€37€53€47€53€53€89€129€129€69€92€
5 days36€36€36€42€42€60€51€60€60€110€149€149€79€102€
6 days39€39€39€45€45€67€55€67€67€128€169€169€89€110€
7 days41€41€41€49€49€68€59€68€68€132€179€179€99€118€
8 days46€46€46€52€52€75€64€75€75€148€204€204€109€128€
9 days51€51€51€57€57€81€69€81€81€165€229€229€119€138€
10 days54€54€54€63€63€85€75€85€85€182€254€254€129€150€
11 days 62€62€62€69€69€91€79€91€91€203€279€279€139€158€
12 days64€64€64€75€75€95€83€95€95€219€298€298€149€166€
13 days
14 days
Days +5€5€5€5€5€5€5€5€5€10€15€15€10€10€
DésignationMinimum size in CMMaximum size in CM
Bike 12"7090
Bike 14"90110
Bike 16"110120
Bike 20"120135
Bike 24"135145

LE LOLO bike rental STORES:
Our three shops are located in the municipalities of Biscarrosse and Sanguinet.
The first is located on the La Rive ***** campsite in Biscarrosse. It is open every day from April to September, a large parking lot at the entrance of the campsite to park, direct access to the Sanguinet – Biscarrosse cycle path.
The second cycle rental shop in Biscarrosse is located in Navarrosse at the campsite des Écureuils ****. It enjoys an exceptional location at the crossroads of the Biscarrosse bourg-lac-plage-Sanguinet cycle paths, on the edge of the famous Vélodyssée. Our shop is accessible to all and is open daily July – August. In low season do not hesitate to call us to arrange a delivery appointment.
The third is located in Parentis-en-Born, in the car park of the “Ciela Au lac de Biscarrosse” campsite. It is open throughout the opening period of the campsite. In low season, do not hesitate to call us to arrange a delivery appointment.

RATES for LE LOLO bike rental:
Although our shops are located on the most famous campsites in the sector, our pricing policy for bike rental is surely the most COMPETITIVE in the sector,
thanks to our PROMOTION structure valid throughout the season, even July August !!!

FLEXIBILITY: At Le LOLO rental service, you can start your rental at any time. Unlike the others, our half-day (maximum 4h) and day (maximum 8h) packages can start at any time of the day! You planned to leave around 2 p.m. but your child needs a nap to postpone your departure without worrying about wasting time or money, you planned to leave during the day, you have a doubt about the weather, postpone your departure and start your bike rental one or two hours later.
AT THE LOLO YOU WILL GET YOUR MONEY, we rent our bikes by the hour:
example: Bike rental for 1 day = 24h I rent Monday at 12:30 p.m. I return the bike on Tuesday at 12:30 p.m.
Bike rental for 2 days = 48 hours I rent Monday at 12:30 p.m. I return the bike on Wednesday at 12:30 p.m.
You will understand that a day started is not a paid day !!!

for example you rent your bike on Monday at 12:35 for 2 days, you bring it back on Wednesday at 12:35. and not on Tuesday evening at closing.
The lolo is a quality bike rental, practicing very competitive rates, to guarantee and ensure quality over time we have set up a deposit system, in order to satisfy you even if your stay is at the end of the season .

Bike delivery to Biscarrosse lake, town, beach, Sanguinet and Parentis is possible throughout the year. Delivery is FREE if the rental amount is more than € 20 *. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone at, by email at the following address

“With over 500 bikes, Le Lolo has got you covered !!!! ”

We offer a range from French factories, our mountain bikes for adults and our range of children’s bikes are manufactured by the MFDC factory in Machecoul (44) recently bought by the Intersport group, it notably produces the brands Nakamura, Proline EXS (special rental company) and SUNN (reference brand for mountain biking and BMX).
Our VTC and VAE come from the Arcade factory in La Roche / Yon (85), they have produced the famous La Poste bikes for a long time, their range of electric bikes is exceptional in quality but also in aesthetics, the E-colors model in VTC has a range of up to 100km (enough to pedal to the Pila dune and come back without sweating!). We also have an electric mountain bike range in 27.5 inches.
You will surely find the bike that suits you, Californian style (Beach bike), mountain bike, hybrid bike with or without electric assistance.
On the Landes cycle paths in the shade of its pine forest, from 0 to 99 years old you will be well

Over the course of our 20 years of experience, we have developed a very varied range for children!
Obviously you can rent a baby seat or a trailer attached to your bike and transport your children.
Our fleet is also made up of the classic 12, 14, 16 inch bikes with or without small wheels for children, as well as 20 and 24 inch bikes for teenagers.

You can find a multitude of rental items, here is an evolving list: balance bike, tricycle, scooter, freestyle scooter, electric scooter, roller skate, skateboard, long-board, wave-board, small tractor, baby walker etc.
Wearing a helmet is compulsory for children under 12, since the law came into force, we have invested massively in very good quality helmets. For this we have set up a partnership with the ABUS brand of German origin, which specializes in the manufacture of safety equipment for cycles (Anti-Theft Helmet). We disinfect our helmets at each rental return to guarantee impeccable hygiene.

You want to hire a bike in Sanguinet, Biscarrosse or Parentis, with friends, between cousins, for a long weekend, a day of cohesion for your employees, a provision for a seminar! Do not hesitate to contact us at or at We will answer you quickly and offer you suitable, clear solutions and will listen to your needs for the rental of your bikes. We can deliver the material directly to your place of residence or seminar. We can offer for this kind of event a canoe rental service (on the lake of sanguinet biscarrosse or the descent of the Eyre in the regional natural park of the moors of gascogne), water skiing, flyboard etc.

The lolo was built with its Rosalies … too. The pedal car that drives children crazy, and that hurts parents’ legs !!! Each cart carries 2 adults and two small children. Trailers can be hung up on endless cars, each trailer can carry two people. Accessible to La Rive campsite only for resort vacationers but open to everyone in our Navarrosse boutique.

With the boom of pedelecs in recent years and thanks to our experience of more than 20 years in the bicycle rental service in the Landes, we have created an electric range that perfectly covers your needs.
We assure you :
Comfort with the E-colors type VTC wide tire, front wheel tire.
Sport with our mountain bikes to access all types of terrain without fear.
Relax with the rental of electric scooters for adults and… for your children.